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Your website’s design plays a much larger role in your overall online marketing plan than what you might have imagined. A good design will not only attract customers to visit more of your website, but could even enhance their user experience as well. Most importantly, your website’s design can affect its accessibility to users, so it is important to have a site that not only looks appealing, but works just as well.

Are you in need of a creatively and professionally designed website? Go Web Global can help you construct one that has a suitable balance of visual and content appeal. In particular, we offer responsive web designs that allow your site to work on any device that can access the Internet, regardless of their screen size. With our web design services, your website will reach out to an even broader audience.

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Understanding Responsive Website Design

While it is a given that regardless of what your computer monitor’s resolution is, any website should load properly on it; the same cannot be said of smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets. The size of these devices is such that some websites do not load properly and cannot render certain elements of the site, which can leave them an inaccessible mess. Such a fluke can deter visitors from entering the site, denying businesses the opportunity to attract new prospects.

Responsive web designs are web builds that allow a website to properly scale to any device—including mobile devices with their small screens. Only select content management platforms support responsive builds, and it still takes a professional to actually make a website using the platforms. Our service combines skillful and creative website designing while using a responsive build.

Why You Will Need Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming more popular and widespread. Indeed, according to some reports, the total number of mobile device users has already surpassed the number of desktop computer users. What this basically means for your business is that many of your potential customers online are using their mobile devices to surf the Web; if your site does not work on such devices, you are going to miss out on such opportunities. The number of mobile users is set to increase even more in the years to come, especially with the introduction of wearable tech, so it would be wise for you to invest in responsive web design services.

Web Web Global’s Web Design Services

Our web design services will make sure that your website does not just look visually appealing, but is in good working order as well. We use WordPress as the design platform for your website, since it not only supports responsive builds it also boasts a lot of functionality.

Go Web Global offers the following designs to base your website on:

  • WordPress theme-based web design
  • WordPress custom web design
  • WordPress mobile-responsive theme-based web design
  • WordPress mobile-responsive custom web design

Our web design process goes:

  • Installation, configuration, and customization of WordPress platform, as well as providing FTP and CMS access to the client.
  • Creation of graphic design and mockup of the final layout, to be approved by the client
  • Other services, such as setting up an online contact form for the website, email account creation, website backup, and so on.

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