Website Audit Services

The Internet is a fickle and ever-changing space, especially when it comes to marketing. In one moment, your business website could be at the top of search lists, and then suddenly near the bottom in the next. If your website suddenly fails to perform according to your expectations, it is important to discover what went wrong so that you can quickly address the issue before it gets worse.

Go Web Global’s FREE website audit service can assess your website’s current status and compare it with the current web search standards in use. If any differences and conflicts are detected, the audit should be able to identify such problem areas. Solutions to the issues are then proposed, and can be quickly worked on upon request.

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Understanding Website Audits

A website audit is a thorough examination of a website for any errors and flaws. The assessment covers everything about the site, including its design, structure, links, titles, meta descriptions, backlinks, and more. It also checks for any duplicate content it might have, if any keywords used have lost popularity, and so on.

Why You Will Need Website Audits

If you are looking to implement SEO for an existing website of yours, then this service will be invaluable to you. An audit will allow you to find out which parts of your website need improvement, and how it can compete with your competitors.

Website audits are also important in relation to the occasional updates search engines undergo. These algorithm changes can disrupt any optimization your site might have, and could even penalize marketing strategies that were once considered legal. To stay on top of these updates, you will need an audit every so often.

The Importance of Conforming to Google

Google is often considered the largest and most reliable search engine to use. Naturally, this means that your website needs to be optimized to take advantage of Google’s popularity. Similarly, your website needs to be audited on occasion to determine if it is still holding up to Google’s standards.

To ensure its quality and performance, Google constantly updates its algorithms to produce better and more consistent results. Their previous major updates, such as Panda and Penguin, shook the internet marketing industry to the core, affecting a significant number of websites and their rankings. It goes without saying that if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you will need to pay close attention to Google’s updates and make sure that your website works with the search engine.

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