SEO Tips: Stay in Google’s Good Graces and Maintain Online Visibility

A high ranking in the Google search results can bring massive amounts of daily traffic to a website or landing page. However, if the search engine discovers that your site is no longer relevant for whatever reason, it could reduce its ranking or render it invisible to anyone who looks for it. What are some actions that can be taken to prevent a Google penalty from impacting your website?

SEO Tips

Keep Abreast of Recent Algorithm Changes

Google is always tinkering or adjusting its criteria for what makes a great site. This is largely done to satisfy those who search for information using its search engine. While Google will provide guidance when possible, some changes may seemingly come out of nowhere. In some cases, changes are released gradually and in a subtle manner, which means you may not notice them unless you look for them. Therefore, it is important to partner with an SEO company in Los Angeles or anywhere else that can get inside information and take action before changes harm your site.

Create Content That Can Be Found in Multiple Ways

Ideally, your content will be found outside of Google as well. For instance, it may be a good idea to build a robust social network to share your content for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about a slip in Google rankings making your site invisible for the short-term. Additionally, if your site does slip, you may be found on Google through content indexed on social networking sites or other online properties.

Create Relevant Content Using 21st Century Best Practices

Whether you create videos, write content or use pictures, make sure that you adhere to the best practices for creating content. This means that content should be meaningful for readers and revolve around the targeted keywords. You also want to make sure that any information you use is cited or attributed properly.

Hiring a Los Angeles search engine optimization company may help your company’s site stay out of trouble with Google. Having a third-party monitor your site and reacting to any changes can be an effective marketing move for any business regardless of how big or small it may be.


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