SEO Lessons to Live By: What Metrics Matter in Content Marketing?

Are you starting a fresh digital marketing campaign for your business? Are you a start-up wishing to establish a solid online presence? Pay particular attention to your content marketing strategy.


It has been established by industry experts that original and relevant content that’s well-written and search engine optimized is key to a powerful online marketing campaign. You should use fresh or interesting ideas, targeted keywords, and branding strategies throughout this content. That way, it lets your customers or prospects identify your brand, and it allows them to find and pick you specifically among competitors.

How Do You Know if It’s Effective?

Content analytics should be part of your overall SEO strategy for you to know whether or not your campaign is doing well. In fact, majority of brands invest significantly in content analytics and evaluate the data generated from it.

Getting good rankings in search engine results pages or SERPs may be the most obvious indicator of the success of your efforts. It can certainly be gainful to be highly visible when your customers key in a search phrase that is optimized for your products or services—but it doesn’t stop there. There are other measures or “metrics” you need to know and monitor.

Using Google Analytics, for instance, lets you track metrics like SERP click-through rate and dwell time. These will help you determine if users are actually clicking your entries in a sea of results for their search and reading your content. You can also track leads generated from your content (e.g. signups in a contact form) and referral traffic (e.g. increase in conversions because of certain guest blogs).

You can also monitor the sales generated from the content and the impact to your brand recognition. For instance, you can ask your customers or perform surveys to know how they found your store or why they decided to sign up for your services. If they responded that your content truly made an impact, it means you’re on the right path in terms of your content marketing approaches.

What Do You Do with the Data?

The data you gather can be used to analyze in order to find out where you ought to focus your online marketing budget and what other strategies you can invest in. Of course, if you don’t have an in-house expert on the subject, this task will be complicated to accurately accomplish. Instead of trying to figure everything out alone, you can call in the services of search engine optimization experts. Firms in Los Angeles like Web Global can help you identify what metrics you need to track, how to interpret data, and how to adjust or bolster your strategies in response to those data.


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