SEO in Los Angeles Aiding Business Conversions through Brand Boosters

Los Angeles, California (April 20, 2015) – Many businesses, particularly start-ups, have no sufficient experience when it comes to the creation of engaging and search engine-optimized content for their website. Stale writing, inadequate or disorganized company information, and poorly-optimized pages create a less than satisfactory user experience and make it difficult for search engines to find a site, which means the business may be missing out on lead opportunities for conversion. Fortunately, Web Global, a white hat digital marketing firm offering SEO in Los Angeles, can help businesses address these concerns through its brand establishment and brand booster packages.

These services significantly help with a website’s visibility through interesting and optimized written content, as well as videos about a company and what it does for its clients. Consumers do not tend to appreciate bulk or impenetrably technical information; thus, content used in brand booster packages use a good blend of casual and professional tones to allow the business to connect better with its audience.

Company information is made more comprehensible by writing it point by point, which many business decision makers prefer in the first place. The effect is magnified using videos, a tool which many consumers admit is a large influence in their purchase decisions. Finally, since the content is optimized and stamped with Google Authorship, it increases the site’s relevance, improving its ranking in search engine results pages.

A brand booster package typically includes a set of articles titled in the same manner as “Reasons to do Business with Us”, “What Our Thankful Customers Has to Say”, “Getting to Know Us Better”, “Promotional Programs, and “What Makes Us Different”. These are in addition to a dynamic video summarizing the significance of the company’s offerings and its service objectives. Each of the articles is uploaded, tagged, and categorized in the client’s site accordingly. The corresponding videos are uploaded on the site as well as in to reach more viewers.

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