Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Expert: The Truth about SEO

SEO is a target always on the move that leaves many business owners and even digital marketers frustrated, causing them to make assumptions as to what works and what doesn’t in their attempt to boost rankings. Over the years, people have developed lots of misconceptions about SEO, two of which are debunked below:


Search engines are the enemy.

No. Search engines, such as Google, design their algorithms with the ultimate aim of providing optimal experience to internet users. If you, website owner or digital marketer, abide by their rules, you’ll get the best of what they have to offer your business; after all, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, right? You work with search engines; not go against them. “Tricking” the search engines for a short-term raise in ranking is the work of black hat SEOs, the so-called fraudsters that tarnish the SEO industry’s reputation.

Black hat SEOs don’t care whether your websites get penalized by search engines. They work much differently from white-hat professionals that practice SEO in Los Angeles, such as those from Go Web Global, who are more focused on satisfying the user with useful, relevant content.  They’re not on the run and their aim is to create long-term, stable ranking for their clients. So to avoid wasting investment, choose your SEO partner wisely.

SEO is all about keywords and links.

A common misperception about keywords is that highly searched keywords will yield high search volumes. The truth is, unless they’re relevant to your field of business, prominent keywords can have little to no impact. The average monthly search for longer-tail keywords may be lower than the generic ones, but those who visit you are people who are actually interested or in need of your services. That means, you can get quality conversions even with low traffic.

Also, many think that the link quantity really matters. This may be correct since search engines usually attribute link quantity to page relevance. Note, however, that link quality precedes quantity. If you use links coming from highly reputable sources, that quality reflects on you. The opposite happens when you focus on a large scale of low-quality sources. You may even get banned from planet Google once they detect the presence of spammy sites in your link profile.

To make SEO work for your business, it is crucial to find a Los Angeles search engine optimization firm of good reputation. To do this, you have to at least get adequate background knowledge of how SEO works and use your better judgement when it comes to evaluating the firm you consider working with.

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