About Us

Go Web Global is a web marketing agency that operates within the greater Los Angeles region. Our company chiefly serves local clients, both small businesses and large corporations. We also provide services to non-profits, schools, hospitals, and other similarly large organizations with marketing needs. Through our services, our clients can establish a strong presence on the Web, allowing them to reach out to their target market.

To deliver the results our clients want, we listen closely to their needs and preferences. We study what products or services our clients are offering, and discover the best ways to sell them. Additionally, we carefully assess our clients’ market (especially online), and how we can better appeal to their customers.

Some of our clients understand the rudimentary aspects of online marketing, but are ultimately unfamiliar with the actual application of promotional strategies. It is our duty to not just help our clients with their web marketing efforts, but also to guide them and educate them on marketing on the Internet.

Go Web Global’s Methodology

Whenever we undertake a project, we use a flexible system as our guideline in order to efficiently reach our goals. Our process goes:

  • Evaluate – Our first step in any project would be to carefully assess what our client wants. We conduct research on their target market, evaluate their existing web real estate online status and possible keywords that can be used for optimization. We also listen to what our client expects from the project so that we can tweak our plans accordingly.
  • Plan – With the information gathered in the previous step, we can devise a plan that answers all the problems our client may have. Furthermore, we take into consideration any requests our client might have.
  • Application – Once the plans have been laid out, and with the approval of the client, we can then work on our project and launch it as soon as it is ready. Our team is skilled and creative enough to deliver the results our client needs.
  • Report – Using our online dashboard system, we can give our client updates on our ongoing projects. Even after a project has launched, we continue to report on its status to trace its development and effectiveness.
  • Appraise – Once a marketing solution has been launched, we gauge its performance in attracting customers and generating leads and sales. The data we collect serves an important role in the following step.
  • Improvement – If we find that our solutions can be made better, we do not hesitate to enhance them in order to meet, and even exceed, our client’s expectations. We will do everything we can to make sure our client’s marketing goals are met and surpassed, including fine-tuning our work.

The Dashboard

As previously mentioned we operate a dashboard system that allows us to relay our project progress with our clients. Through this, clients can get a clearer picture of what we are trying to accomplish. The dashboard enables us to be on the same page as our clients, and meet our projects’ goals on time.

Get in touch with Web Global by calling 1-818-646-2855 or by visiting our Contact Us page and filling out the form.